Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Autumn Jack-o-Lantern

I know Jack-O-Lanterns are supposed to be for Halloween, but I'm a little behind, so I'm hoping we can just pretend they're for fall too.  Anyway, I had this vase sitting around and I wanted to etch something on it.  I have a hard time making the stencils work for rounded, bulbous type shapes like this so I wanted to do something easy.  I thought a Jack-o-Lantern would be easy and cute.  It was! 

It is SO difficult to get etched glass to show up well in a picture, especially on a rounded surface...So, pretend you can see the jack-o-lantern face, okay?  I've used my awful amazing Photoshop skills to highlight the eyes and mouth...See here?

So, between my lack of Photoshop skills and my tardiness this has been quite the self-esteem booster!  Oh well, life has its moments right?  You should really etch something though.  Most of the time it turns out awesome (especially if you have a flatter surface and a good stencil) and it will make you feel nice and crafty! 

I've been working on a few projects that I'd like to share, but it'll have to wait until I don't have a toddler pulling my leg and vying for my attention...Hope to be back soon :)



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