Sunday, November 1, 2009

Getting back to the real world...

We've had an interesting few weeks.  My son got an ear infection and bronchiolitis.  Then, my husband got the flu.  Then, he started a new job and my son and I got the flu.  Anyway, we're pretty much back to normal now.  I can't believe it's November already! 

Here's a cowboy party favor order I've been working on.  The cowboy boot is a pencil topper and the notebook will be embellished by the kids as a project at the party.  The cowboy boot is different on each side, hence the two pictures! 

Anyway, this was an add-on to an order for cowgirl invitations over at Etsy.  It was a fun order.  We used pink bandannas instead of the red seen here.  Also, we used rhinestone brads - YEAH!  I wish I had remembered to take a picture before I sent them.  It was my first order for girls and it was so fun!  Paige's mom liked them so much she wanted to know what ideas I had for non-food favors.  These toppers & notebooks are what we came up with.  I hope the kids like them :)

Hope this post finds your family safe and not too out of whack for anyone following daylight savings time!


PS-I don't have any pencils, so right now it's a pen topper!

PPS-Sorry about the picture quality - my camera battery died, so I took these with my phone!


LuckyStarErin said... should do these for the etsy shop! I think people will love them.

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