Monday, October 18, 2010

Mason Jar Chandelier: A Knockoff

Okay, this picture is pretty bad.  I admit it - but no one else was awake in my house to hold onto this so I had to wrap the wiring around a doorknob so it would drape like it will when it's installed.  I was inspired by Pottery Barn's Exeter 5-Jar Pendant.  It's on sale right now for $103.00.  (Let's just say so far my version has cost less than $35 and I have 8 jars left for my stock of canning jars ;-)  Also, my version is only 4 jars.  I was worried about the weight of 5...

This "chandelier" is for my Dad's house.  His current dining room chandelier has been on life support for at least a year and it's a horrible Tiffaney-esque builder grade chandelier.  It's ugly and it's broken at one of the leaded pieces.  His house is kind of lodge-y so this will fit right in.  I still haven't figured out exactly what will cover the wires at the installation site.  I have a cover I got at Home Depot, but since it's going to hold all 4 wires, I'll have to drill out the center hole.  I've made lamps before, so I just used my experience to make this.  I'm a bit too scared to put out a tutorial for how to do this, especially since I'm not an electrician, but luckily I found one for you ;)  If you need step by step instructions that ANYONE can follow, check them out here at Kara Paslay Designs.  She explains everything well and has great pictures.  Her version has different size jars and is a really fun version, but heavy!  I might use her version of a cap to cover the fixture wiring etc. at the top, if the one I have won't work.  Also, I might go back and drill a hole in the lids to let heat escape.  No one likes an exploding chandelier. 

So, this has been a fun project.  I have a few battle wounds (those jar lids are SHARP!) but I think it's turning out quite nicely and I can't wait to see it installed. 

PS-Thank you to my father-in-law for drilling perfect holes in the lids for me.  Want to help me drill the opening for the outlet cover?  :)  Also, I'd love drill press lessons for Christmas ;)

PPS-If my name shows up under these, it's only because Blogger thinks it should be that way.  Ugh!


Christy, said...

stopping in from today's creative blog and love this idea. We have tons of wine bottles with the same intent but haven't gotten around to making anything yet.

LuckyStarHeather said...

Ooh, that would be so fun too!!! A little more difficult in the drilling area, but so fun!! Thanks for the variation idea ;)

Room to Inspire said...

What a great project - I would be a little worried about all those wires! I hope you take a photo of it installed to show us!


mitziscollectibles said...

Wow, Heather, that's so cool! I have a zillion Mason jars around my house and garage. I might have to give that a try.

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