Saturday, June 22, 2013

CeCe Caldwell Paints Display with Emerald Isle Green and Santa Fe Turquoise tinted Glaze

Hi again this week!  I've been working on this display for my store where I sell CeCe Caldwell Paints.  There are so many possibilities with the color palette.  I sell a lot of white, grey, and cream paint but not a lot of colors yet.  Hopefully this display with sample wood blocks painted in all the colors will get some creative juices flowing!

My son helped me paint all these. I waxed them with the new waxing cream.  It's a harder wax than the clear wax but it dries really fast and buffs out easily to a beautiful sheen. It's also non toxic and smells like lemony oranges! 

The color I chose for the desk is CeCe Caldwell's Emerald Isle Green with the clear glaze tinted with Santa Fe Turquoise over that.  I also sealed it with clear waxing cream.
I hope you have time to visit the Mega Mall in Lansing, MI to see the new display and samples!


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